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IFDI: International Fun Diving Instructors.

Like any diving organizations, IFDI offers a pedagogic support and a registration service of the divers' certifications. But unlike the others, the pedagogic support of IFDI is totally free of charge and the registration of a diver certification has a low cost.

IFDI also provides to all the scuba divers an online diving log book that can be digitally signed by all the instructors in the world.

The IFDI instructors are all legitimate: They submitted their ID and their instructor diploma (which we reviewed), before gaining access to the ability to certify a diver or to sign the IFDI log book.

Some studies show that Internet will be more polluting than the airline industry in the 2020's. IFDI refuses to contribute to this pollution. IFDI opted for a low energy design (very few images on screen) for a better environment.

The access to IFDI is always fast, anywhere at anytime.

Comments of some IFDI instructors.

“I especially like the theoritical lessons of IFDI that go straight to the point.”  by John Stoll, USA.

“I am not a very computer person ! The registration was simple and fast ! My students were happy about the fact that they can find so easy the theory of diving online and in chinese, and I must say I am also happy about it ! Wink I believe in IFDI , and I'm glad I'm part of IFDI !”  By Irini Matsentidou, Europe.

“IFDI is the future in scuba diving.”  by Antonis Adamou, Europe.

Technical, logistical and legal aspect of IFDI:

IFDI is a fully automated platform that offers a secured connection: Lock https... Your account password is protected by the latest technologies. On top of this, your data are regularly saved on two different places, totally separated from the server.

Except for the use of the Google translation in 90 languages, IFDI is 100% self sufficient and 100% custom made. Because of these 2 qualities, IFDI is a very reliable website and it allows a very quick loading on your devices.

IFDI doesn't store credit card information. The online payments are supported by 2Checkout: A gateway that is trusted by millions of users. IFDI accepts payments with credit cards, debit cards, and via PayPal. The payments at IFDI are done under the United States law.

Who is the owner and the creator of IFDI?

Olivier Dauxais, diver since 1983 and professional diving instructor since 1990. Diplomed of excellence only 3 years after being freshly diplomed as instructor. Having now more than 25 years of experience in the teaching of diving and more than 10.000 dives done.

A few words from the founder, Olivier Dauxais:

Excellence Diploma

Olivier I was seven years old while I was already exploring the underwater world with my fins, mask, snorkel and wetsuit. At the age of thirteen, I performed my first dive with scuba diving bottles in Corsica. That was wonderful and I simply fell in love with scuba diving. Then, I became a professional scuba diving instructor at twenty years old, and three years later, I became the first instructor who has been awarded the diploma of recognition for excellence.

The scuba diving is among the rare sports that are not based on contest. But, paradoxically, all the different diving organizations claim to be better than the others. Even worse, the diploma of the diving instructors is only valid within their native organization, with each organization rejecting the instructors from another. This is an obvious commercial strategy... But, is this really fair? For example: Do the mechanics get their diploma only valid within the brand of a car? Of course not, they can work in any garages regardless of the brand. In front of this situation, my love for fairness and freedom has been the main reason that pushed me to create IFDI: A neutral world that regroups the diving instructors regardless of their native organization.

At IFDI, we don't care if the "black divers" are better than the "white divers" or the "yellow divers"...
The most important is our common passion for the underwater world.

IFDI is not simply another diving organization, IFDI stands for these values: Fairness, freedom and neutrality. On your side, if you also like these values, you are welcome to join IFDI. If you're an instructor you may click here to join us. If you're a diver, you may contact your instructor who can issue an IFDI certification by equivalence with your present diploma of scuba diving.

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