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Information for instructors

Did you know it? You're not only an instructor within your organization, you're also an IFDI instructor.

Your instructor diploma can be validated at no cost at IFDI.

At IFDI, we consider that the key element in teaching diving courses is the instructor and certainly not the organization. We also believe that the instructor should not be a tool to generate money to the organization, but the other way round.
At IFDI, we reduce your expenses in order to generate bigger profit to you.

Your annual license is free of charge.

We also offer theoritical courses, online and free of charge. No need to buy some books for your students. Less money in books means more money that your students can use for diving with you. Each registration of a diver's certification costs you only $ 3 US. The plastic card is optional. Its price is: € 6 (shipping not included). IFDI also provides to the divers a paying service of online diving log book that can be digitally signed from your instructor account at no cost.

IFDI is a new organization that can free you from the fixed fees of your native organization of scuba diving. IFDI is a neutral organization for all the instructors. IFDI is based on the international ISO standards that are recognized worldwide.

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