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Dear diving instructors,
welcome at IFDI.

You're not only an instructor within your organization, you may also be an instructor at IFDI.
We are all together the "International Fun Diving Instructors".

My name is Olivier Dauxais. I have created IFDI to reduce your teaching expenses. Your license is free of charge. No need to buy a book for your students. IFDI offers online learning for free. The certifications of your divers costs you only 0 US$ per certification. (Special promotion to celebrate the 3 years of IFDI: 0$ instead of 3$.) The plastic card is optional (extra cost of 5€). IFDI also offers a service of online diving logbook that can be digitally signed from your instructor account. You may click here to join us. You may also read below some answered questions. If you have any other questions, you may contact me at: okAtifdi.info

Do I need to quit my organization to become an IFDI instructor?

No, not at all. You may remain an instructor within your organization.
By becoming an IFDI instructor, you simply obtain a second diploma of diving instructor that allows you to use the IFDI services.

IFDI, is it recognized by the WRSTC?

No. The word "member" would be more appropriate than the word "recognized". The WRSTC is not accredited by any international laws to supervise the recreational diving industry. The WRSTC is only a kind of private club that clearly states in its internal rules: "Membership is granted at the sole discretion of WRSTC and may be revoked at any time..." Remember that IFDI offers free license to its instructors. Does IFDI have any chance to be accepted in this club where other members charge a license fee to their instructors? Wink

By the way, do you know who is at the head of the WRSTC? I contacted them and they have replied to me anonymously by signing "Coordinator". Why do they hide their identity? Would there be a potential conflict of interest?

IFDI, is it a member of the EUF?

No. The EUF is not accredited by any international laws to supervise the recreational diving industry. The EUF is also a kind of club but it seems to be more open and far more transparent than the WRSTC. I contacted the general secretary and he didn't hide his identity in his reply. But the question remains the same. Does IFDI have any chance to be accepted in this club where other members charge a license fee to their instructors? Wink

So then... To whom to refer?

ISO: "ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 162 national standards bodies." You may see an example of ISO reference at the foot of the famous "Open Water Diver" card.

IFDI, does it conform to ISO?

Yes. The IFDI courses conform to the ISO standards requirements and the ISO reference number is displayed on the "classic" certification cards of IFDI. Click here to see a sample. Please, note that ISO is a registered trademark. I contacted the ISO organization and took advise from them on how to legally use the word ISO and its reference numbers.

IFDI, is it certified as "ISO compliant" ?

No. I didn't request the certification "ISO compliant" for IFDI. I might do it in the future... But this might cost a lot... And this might impact on the cost of the registration of your divers' certifications at IFDI... Case that I really want to avoid... Remember that my main target is to reduce as much as possible your teaching expenses.

IFDI, can it refer to the ISO norms without being certified as "ISO compliant" ?

Yes. IFDI can refer to the ISO norms as long as IFDI uses the right terminology and as long as IFDI and its members respect the ISO norms. This engagement is clearly stated in the terms of use of IFDI when you become an IFDI instructor.

What are the key points of IFDI?

Neutral world. Free instructor license. Free online learning. Low cost certifications. Diving log book that can be digitally signed. Secured connection. Suitable for tablets & mobiles. Available in 90 languages . Very ecologic website: Ultra-light to load. Very fast to load. Very simple to use. No useless features. Human contact at: okAtifdi.info

In short: IFDI = New spirit.

IFDI is a neutral world, where instructors from different organizations teach the same diving courses that meet the ISO standards. You may click here to view a summary of the underwater skills required at IFDI. IFDI offers theoritical courses that focus only on the essential. If your students wish more information, you're free to orient them to any diving books that you like in the other organizations.

Your membership is free of charge. Click here to join us.

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